I Thought I saw You

  In a busy place packed with people all going about their business slowly weaving through the crowd, I was on my way out to the exit doors. That's when you walked past me but when I looked back to see, it wasn't you. My heart skipped a beat for that brief moment. What a … Continue reading I Thought I saw You

Words Left Unsaid

  I've had those moments, where you want to say something- it's what you're feeling inside, the deafening silence in the room begs for it, but I freeze. Life sets you up like a stage director and tells you it's your cue, but for reasons you couldn't explain at that moment, you stay quiet. Then … Continue reading Words Left Unsaid

Empty Space

What is it about it, that makes it a little uneasy to view. Something about an empty space that makes us uncomfortable to be in or acknowledge. We have to fill it with something or at least see the potential to put something in its place, to not have that void. Depending on your perspective, … Continue reading Empty Space


  Lilly was in her room working on a drawing she was inspired by a movie she had seen the day before. She worked hard on it by the time she had finished; she had her fingers and palms in different shades of colors. Proud of her work, she quickly showed her little sister the … Continue reading Colors

Signs and Steps

Some people go through life waiting for an opportunity or a go-ahead sign for either a goal or to just let them know they're on the right track. Others set out to look for their own opportunities, believing the journey is its own reward. So one group stays idle, and the other meets their chance … Continue reading Signs and Steps

The New Year

6:23 pm the phone is silent on vibrating shaking on the night table. Mark had turned off his ringtone because he didn't share everyone's enthusiasm for the new year. It keeps on vibrating; straight to voicemail with the other missed calls. Mark stares out from his bachelor apartment at all the people already making way … Continue reading The New Year