Words Left Unsaid



I’ve had those moments, where you want to say something- it’s what you’re feeling inside, the deafening silence in the room begs for it, but I freeze. Life sets you up like a stage director and tells you it’s your cue, but for reasons you couldn’t explain at that moment, you stay quiet. Then it feels like a missed opportunity and your left feeling disappointed and wanting it back.

I’m not referring to the times when we get into an argument, and we become creative with our words meant to inflict pain on someone, no. In these instances, saying as little as possible can save you the feeling of regret and any irreversible damage to that relationship. Everyone has their own way of how they best deal with these situations. Leaving any words out of the argument, which is meant to hurt the other, is widely considered a good thing.

I’m talking about those silent pauses between you and your partner, family, friends, perhaps someone you like and maybe, even, just someone you happen to come across. It’s something you know you should say because its right for that moment and would do some good. It could be a compliment, an appreciative remark, a reaffirmation of your love towards them or even a congratulatory sentiment showing how proud you are of them. Those words could lift them up and completely change the direction of their day for the better. It’s possible, even for just saying something that it could end up opening a whole new path for your day or life to take.

The older I get, the more I realize that for whatever reason it is that I didn’t say anything be it ego or fear of talking about my emotions, it’s ridiculous now that I think about it.



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