Empty Space


What is it about it, that makes it a little uneasy to view. Something about an empty space that makes us uncomfortable to be in or acknowledge. We have to fill it with something or at least see the potential to put something in its place, to not have that void. Depending on your perspective, you can see it as a fresh start for something new or be mournful of what’s no longer there.

Walking by or standing in an empty room with nothing in it feels a little bizarre so immediately you leave, or you begin to use your imagination to fill it up with all the things that make up who you are, just for comfort. It’s just an empty room, at different times in its history it had things and people from other times before yours and will continue to have others after. It takes the form and shape of the inhabitant, the beholder.

Looking introspectively, some of us can realize that we lack in some form or other a certain quality that would improve our lives. Maybe we had it and then lost it, perhaps we kid ourselves into thinking we have it, or maybe we’re still in search of it. We can feel that empty part of us inside, so we take measures to block it or take care of it by growing into a better version of ourselves.

There’s an old abandoned strip mall in the city that I remember as a kid. It’s all broken down and continues to deteriorate, but I have fond memories of it. I wondered what the inside must look like today; either way, nature has begun to reclaim that space again as it had before.


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