Lilly was in her room working on a drawing she was inspired by a movie she had seen the day before. She worked hard on it by the time she had finished; she had her fingers and palms in different shades of colors. Proud of her work, she quickly showed her little sister the drawing who was not in the least bit interested.

Sitting in her room, she looked at the drawing and couldn’t wait to show her dad but then instantly became a little sad. Her father had color blindness and wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate her drawing which she considered her best work. She sat there and thought about this while brushing her fingers over the strokes of colors.

Rylan arrived home from his work after a chaotic day in the workplace. As soon as he got in, his youngest daughter came running into his arms with Lilly walking behind her shyly with her drawing in hand.

She tells him she made a drawing and gives it to him anticipating a happy reaction. Rylan smiled and complimented her on her drawing skills. She tells him she wishes he could see it with all the colors she used. He picks her up and says he sees the colors in her, in her smile and her eyes. He asked her just to describe how a particular color makes her feel and he would understand. She had never heard of an idea like this before and went on happily describing the shades to her father.

Now when Lilly looks at her colors and wants to draw something she incorporates emotions into her art with the colors she picks. Every shade she linked with a feeling which she described to her father, so they could both fully appreciate the art she drew.


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