Signs and Steps

Life balance choices signpost, with sunrise sky backgroundsSome people go through life waiting for an opportunity or a go-ahead sign for either a goal or to just let them know they’re on the right track. Others set out to look for their own opportunities, believing the journey is its own reward. So one group stays idle, and the other meets their chance half way.

On rare occasions, I believe life presents signs to each and everyone. It’s those moments where something out of the ordinary pops out at you and strikes you in such a particular way. This experience moves you, and it stays imprinted in your mind days later until eventually, you forget about it. These signs align with what you’ve been longing for as well as internal emotions. Giving an alluring effect that keeps you in stand still while you quickly contemplate the matter.

Depending on the person, one might shy away while others follow through on seeing one of these signs. The window to make a decision is small and can fade away quickly. It’s a step in the right direction when you act and realize it was the perfect opportunity to present itself to you in this moment and time of your life. These life signs won’t fix everything but will allow you to grow, and to be aware of more along the way.

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