The New Year

Closeup silhouette of alone man watching fireworks on new year celebration outdoors

6:23 pm the phone is silent on vibrating shaking on the night table. Mark had turned off his ringtone because he didn’t share everyone’s enthusiasm for the new year. It keeps on vibrating; straight to voicemail with the other missed calls. Mark stares out from his bachelor apartment at all the people already making way to the park.

This past year was a rough year for him from losing his beloved grandmother to a difficult break up with his ex-girlfriend, which he knows he stubbornly contributed towards but won’t admit to it. Sure he could look to the new year with cheer like everyone else, but he just can’t relate to everyone’s optimism. Starring from the window, he closes his eyes for a moment of inward calm.

The phone vibrates again this time Mark answers “yeah…..I’ve been a little busy that’s all……..yeah everything’s fine……. of course, I’ll meet you guys there.” Mark sets out to the park and see’s his friends waiting by the gate. They try to cheer him up, but it doesn’t do much. Walking through the crowds, he can hear others talking about their misfortunes in the year and finally feels relatable to these group of strangers. He had found others who shared in his misery but unlike him were so ready to move on. That’s what was holding him back, holding on to relationships that were no longer there for him.

The countdown was on and Mark for the first time in awhile felt like he could breathe again, a much-needed sense of relief. He was ready to give the coming year ago. ” 5…..4……3………2…………1 Happy New Year!” the fireworks sounded off. Seeing the bright lights in the night sky, Mark could feel the effect of the new year.

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